Our Mission

The primary mission of St. John Boys Home (SJBH), Inc is to “Provide a safe and harmonious environment in which to work with teens with developmental disabilities who have significant behavioral challenges.” 

St. John Boys Home, Inc. is a group home for males 13-17 years of age. The facility will provide care and supervision for consumers who need Level 4I structures and supports. The facility is licensed by the State of California, Department of Social Services (Community Care Licensing Division) and vendorized by Regional Center of the East Bay. Both entities have the authority to to inspect the facility, review records and interview consumers.

Service is the time, effort and resources expended by staff, administration and our board, to develop and implement innovative programs designed to meet the ongoing challenges faced by the communities we serve. We are committed to the performance of service because service is the very heart of St John’s Boys Program. 

RESPECT In recognition that each employee brings value to our organization, we uphold the value of respect. Each employee has a background and varied life experiences that are unique. We shall respect our differences and opinions in order to further the mission of our organization.  
FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS St. John Boys Home recognizes the importance of family, but encourages and supports family relationships as reflected our program goals to involve family and encourage and support residents in connecting, reconnecting and or identifying important relationships that support a residents overall holistic success. 

HONESTY/TRUTH Truth lies at the heart of what St. John Boys Home provides and creates the foundation upon which trust and accountability are built. 

CONFIDENTIALITY The intricate ties that ST. John Boys Home has within the community, as well as the nonprofit status, our organization enjoys, call for us to value confidentiality and the non-disclosure of privileged and confidential information to unauthorized individuals. We shall recognize the value of confidentiality in matters that rely upon it. 

RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY A responsible person fulfills commitments. A person who is accountable accepts responsibility for decisions. In our execution of our programs and in the development of our staff, we shall exercise responsible stewardship, especially when public funds are being utilized.  



Our Philosophy

It is the philosophy of St. John Boys Home (SJBH), Inc that all persons with developmental disabilities have an inalienable right to live in and be a part of their community. This includes having access to all of the same  things persons without disabilities value. We believe that all individuals have the ability to learn, grow and progress and should have the opportunity to participate, to what ever extent possible, in whatever they desire. The program provides support, instruction and a structured living environment that promotes and stimulates personal strengths and  progressive learning.