Our Services

  • Tutoring
  • Individual Psychotherapy/Behaviorist
  • Special Education Services
  • Anger Management
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Transportation to and  from School
  • Academic Tutors
  • Independent Living Services
  • Recreation
  • Highly Competent and caring staff

St. John Boys Home (SJBH), Inc  staff are committed to improving the social, behavioral and emotional self management skills of our consumers. 
Our staff at SJBH nourishes a least restrictive non-judgmental environment in conjunction with a range of therapeutic services and supports, while advocating values of safety, honesty, trust, and respect. 

  • Ensure a safe and nurturing living environment that provides support and guidance for each individual to function as independently as possible, 
  • Enhance personal development i.e., self-esteem, independence, and self-determination and overall quality of life for each individual;
  •  Increase independence in self-help, independent living,  coordination and mobility, communication,
  • Ensure that each individual has access to quality medical, psychological, dental and other needed health services.
  • recreation/leisure and socialization skills Assist individuals in reducing antisocial and/or maladaptive behaviors while developing more appropriate, functional communication and social skills to facilitate community integration